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I am extremely grateful to Sarmora Chin for developing the tag line for our logo.  It perfectly captures the personality of our company.  Her standard of service is second to none as she is always helpful, efficient and supportive.  I look forward to using her services again."
Leon, Owner of Flashy Trends
Sarmora Chin distinguished herself by being so attentive to details, so tactful in dealing with clients but what mattered to me the most, is that she is effective.  She was my go to person, and a very creative problem solver.  She held a position of great responsibility and was very productive.  A rare find...." 
Andre Christburg, Publisher of Style Q Magazine and Hotlanta Hair
" Sarmora Chin has a rare mixture of expertise that provides a comprehensive, eye opening approach to marketing in today’s modern world. 

She understands how to use the most modern online marketing techniques and is thoroughly versed in the classic marketing world. She knows how to mix them most affectively to meet your particular marketing needs! In my experience, this is rare! 

She was able to pilot my marketing efforts in such a way as to get the most bang-for-the-buck! Without her assistance I would have wasted time and money marketing my coaching business. 

Although I have been a technologist for most of my professional life, she opened my eyes to what is possible in on-line marketing! 
I deeply appreciate the clarity that she brings to marketing in these competitive times."
Ken Davis, Owner of Ken Davis Coaching



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